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Patricia Dely

Telephone: (031) 716 6000
Cell Phone: 

I am an authorised representative of CC&A Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd and meet all the required honesty, integrity and educational standards (click here for full disclosure). 

I do not directly or indirectly hold more than 10% shares or equivalent financial interest in any of the product suppliers which I represent.

I have not, in the past 12 months, received more than 30% of my remuneration from any single product supplier.

I have experience in providing advice and provide service on the following sub - categories: 
  • Long-Term Insurance: Category B1
  • Long-Term Insurance: Category C
  • Retail Pension Benefits
  • Pension Fund Benefits (Excluding Retail)
  • Participatory interests in collective investment schemes.
  • Deposits defined in the banks act - exceeding 12 months
  • Deposits defined in the Banks at - 12 Months or less.
CC&A Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd accepts responsibility for the advice given by myself during the course and scope of my duties. I am a mandated appointed representative of CC&A Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd and covered by their Professional Indemnity insurance. 

I have the following Qualifications and Experience: